Missionary Daughters of the Most Pure Virgin Mary


CHARISM:  An intense interior life with a spirit of total sacrifice, purity of heart, detachment and refined charity like that of Jesus and Mary for the service of the Church in the brethren.

SPIRITUALITY: An intense spiritual life that offers reparation and consolation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in union with his Immaculate Mother.  We do this through a life of prayer and sacrifice, and extend devotion to the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary,  proposing them to the brethren so that they may grow in their knowledge, love, and devotion.  The distinctive characteristics of the MDPVM are SACRIFICE, CHARITY, and PURITY. These characteristics are based on HUMILTY that consists of truth.

MINISTRY:  Christian education of youth, pastoral activities directed toward religious education of the people of God, retreats and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, missions.

Good physical and mental health.
An acceptable degree of culture and maturity.
Ability to assume responsibilities, embrace sacrifice and give of self joyfully.
Capability for commitment and living together with others.
Supernatural motivation.
Apostolic restlessness.
St. Martin's Convent
919 North Ninth Street
Kingsville, TX 78363

Sister Vicenta V. Aguilar, MDPVM
Sister Maximina Cruz, MDPVM
Sister Jovita Mendez Diaz, MDPVM
Sister Elsa Mondragon, MDPVM
Sister Maria Luisa Peña, MDPVM
Sister Consuelo Ramirez, MDPVM
Sister Esther Silva, MDPVM
Sister Rafaela Valadez, MDPVM
Sister Maria Delia Zapata, MDPVM

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